Pulseaudio 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound simulation with stereo hardware

That is a very quick post I am only writing because there’s just not enough information about this topic.

While tinkering with Cyberpunk 77 under wine/proton I have discovered the game only outputs sound in 7.1 format, even if stereo headphones are connected.

Sound is always output in 7.1 format even when headphones or 2.1 speakers are connected. You can check it here: Control Panel - Sound - Speakers (select from the list) - Properties - Levels - Play Control (Balance) - and you will see a list of all channels.

Since for Windows user emulating 7.1 sound via some third-party software helped, I decided to try to reproduce the same thing under Linux.

Doing so with pulseaudio was a challenge, but unfortunately did not help at all. Maybe it will be useful for something else.

Open-source game streaming solution?

General problems:

  • There are no open-source game streaming solutions for Linux
  • There are multiple closed-source clients, but only one closed-source server (included in Steam)
  • Steam does not support VA-API for hardware acceleration, so streaming is CPU-intensive and not as fast as it could be.

elasticsearch indices repair after hardware failure

What do you do when your elasticsearch index is damaged?

This could have happened if you had some hardware issues and you had no replicas. You should have some replicas.

If you don’t, there is still something can be done.

YACST2 writeup: parsing an audiocaptcha with imagemagick

Here is the task:

Captcha is a modern simple Turing test for everyday use, for human it's simple, but for bot or a simple neural network captcha can become a hard nut to crack.

You can try to solve it with your AI too, but it definitely can be solved with several lines of code, isn’t it?

Fdroid to Google Play proxy

If you do not want to use gapps on your device, but still need some proprietary apps frequently updated, there is a solution. You can set up a script that will fetch apps that you need and store them in a F-Droid repository.

I’ve set up a repository with some stuff here, but only for testing purpose.

Steps to reproduce (and sample commands):

salt writeup

We have a task:

We managed to capture the following traffic from a user who retrieved a note from that new secure notebook service:                                                         
request: b'\xa0f?u\xfb;AZf\xfc@{M!\xcdP\x92\xf6\x0f\xea\x1d\xad@\xc5\x8c\xd0R\xd8\xfdX81\x01d\xc8\x9b\xc4\xfd\x04\x9b\x843a\x940U\xc4\x7fa\x11W\xa9uf\xa9\xf4%w;`s[\xad\xa8V\x90\xe0w,\xb6<\xbd\xb1\xcbh=\x0b\x80\xba\xd8\x9bM\x17\xc6\x1f\x83<G\xcfV\x93\x00E\xe97\xcc\x9a.\xa1\xe6\x13\x11\xe9<\xae'

response: b"e\xc8\x9b\xc4\xfd\x04\x9b\x843a\x940U\xc4\x7fa\x11W\xa9uf\xa9\xf4%\r6C\x8d\xe1Z\x95\xb1^\x92\xddF\xa7\xbb\x86\x19\xbaCW\xde\x9bo\xd3Z\x8d\x85kx\x81a\xb0\x0b\xc9\x14'L\xc6i\xc4V\x86=\xba\x11~\xcc\x9bw#i\xc7\xb2\xc0Z\x9d\x1d\xb3\x96\\\xf9\xffG\x8a\xa2"

That crypto is pretty much invincible - after all, they're using NaCl - but maybe you can figure out some crazy attack anyway? I count on you!!!

You need to install the "pynacl" python module for python 3 to make this work.

connect to school.fluxfingers.net:1512

You can download sources here.

Let’s see what do we have here.