Fdroid to Google Play proxy

If you do not want to use gapps on your device, but still need some proprietary apps frequently updated, there is a solution. You can set up a script that will fetch apps that you need and store them in a F-Droid repository.

I’ve set up a repository with some stuff here, but only for testing purpose.

Steps to reproduce (and sample commands):

  • Install fdroid server package. (fdroidserver Debian package):

    	sudo aptitude install fdroidserver
  • Create user for repository and log into it:

    	adduser repo
    	su repo
  • Create fdroid simple binary repository:

    	cd ~
    	mkdir -p repo/repo
    	cd repo
    	cp /usr/share/doc/fdroidserver/examples/config.py repo
    	#edit config.py
  • Get python googleplay-api:

    	cd ~
    	git clone https://github.com/egirault/googleplay-api
  • Take a device with gapps (emulator is OK) and get GOOGLEPLAY_ID. Remember, you need GOOGLEPLAY_ID, not ANDROID_ID. Then add it (and your login && password or token) to ~/googleplay-api/config.py. Set up the rest variables according to what you desire.

  • Get my files:

    	wget -O ~/googleplay-api/version.py https://der.ttyh.ru/blag/files/version.py
    	wget -O- https://der.ttyh.ru/blag/files/proxy.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  • Use get.sh for adding packages. For example, ~/get.sh org.mozilla.firefox. Then run cd repo && fdroid uptade -c

    • If you want, you can fill in ~/repo/metadata/org.mozilla.firefox with package information
  • ~/do.sh will update all the packages, add it to cron, if you want

  • ~/repo/repo is your repository. I made a symlink from /var/www:

    	/var/www/repo -> ../../../home/repo/repo/repo 
  • Add it to F-droid.